Why Hire a Video Production Professional?

by | Jul 25, 2016 | Solutions

Why Hire a Video Production Professional?

Without question the ability to make your own videos has never seemed easier and it’s easy to purchase what you need to make a video. So why hire someone if you can do it yourself? Well, there are quite a few reasons why you want to hire a professional. And I’m here to help outline them for you. So before you grab a camera and head off to dreams of Technicolor glory, here are a few guidelines.

1) Build a foundation for Success

First, set clear objectives and goals for your video production.

What is being filmed:

Is it a lecture or a testimonial video for your company? These need different structures and equipment. What kind of additional sound is required? Voice-overs? Music?

Length of film:

Is it a 15 second pre roll ad? Is this a 5-10 minute demonstration to roast a turkey, or a live 30- minute conference?


Where is the shoot taking place? Is the location well lit? How big is the space? Will you need a use of a studio?


How will the video be distributed? Will it appear on your website? Is it only for internal use for your company?

I’d go on but you get the picture (pardon the pun). If you can stay organized, focused and know how to plan to stay on target, great. The next question to ask is if you have the resources (people, places and budget) that can make this happen. If the plan isn’t working out, how do you fix it, or get it back on track? What is Plan B?

A video production professional has a vested interest in your success, and the knowledge, experience, and skill set to produce a professional video.


2) Resources and time

A professional will have the tools to create the video, and have the resources to find the additional gear needed. The challenge is not only knowing what to look for but how and where to get it. A professional videographer’s livelihood depends on having the smarts and resources to make every project a success. A professional also knows the importance of staying within the budget. At Sha La La La Productions, we can keep to your budget, but make it look as if you spent a lot more.

While there are many available resources, knowing how to select the equipment you need is a critical step. Before you DIY any project, you have to ask yourself if you have the time to become an expert. Do I have the bandwidth to find the best equipment, learn how to use it, and create the video by my deadline, and on budget? Pardon the alliteration, but you do need to spend time to know if you have time to DIY.

Have I convinced you yet that you need a professional? Call us for a free consultation – we’re happy to hear all about the video you want to create.

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