What is the #LEDA Challenge ?

by | Jul 10, 2020 | Company, Commentary, Featured

What is the #LEDA challenge?


It stands for Live Every Day (in) April, and now the A reflects August. It’s a Workshop challenge created by Live Streaming Pros and run by one of the founders Luria Petrucci.

Students will learn how to become better Livestreamers in front of the camera, and how to better create/run their own program. The workshop’s approach is hands-on, as the best way to become comfortable in front of the camera is to Livestream every day for 30-31 days straight.

For me, since a lot of the work I do is behind the camera, I needed to have a more balanced approach to working on livestream projects/jobs. That’s why it was critical for me to build on and sharpen my experience and knowledge of work in front of the camera. It complemented my expertise behind the camera.

It’s also the main reason why I made a shift in the content I’ve posted on many of our social media platforms. It made sense that in order to keep up with what I learned from the #LEDA Challenge, we should modify our content. When we focused on creating more Livestream videos (specifically #verbosewednesdays where we’ll resume our program on July 29th, 2020.), it gave me a chance to practice what I learned.

When Luria reached out to see if I was interested to talk about my experience taking the #LEDA Challenge, I leapt at the chance and said YES. Anytime I can express my thanks to those who help me grow personally and professionally, it is a no brainer, and, in this case, it gave me a chance to share what we’ve been working on here. Plus, anytime I can have a great conversation, compare notes, and share good humor, it is a good day for me. Big thanks to Live Streaming Pros and Luria Petrucci for having me on the show to talk about the #LEDA challenge.

The highlight for me was that It was great to reconnect with fellow colleagues Paul Webber and my co-host of #VerboseWednesdays, Matthew Haas. Certainly I did my best to keep up with everyone as we shared our experience and how we moved on and applied what we learned.

So, now that you know what the #LEDA Challenge is, what’s stopping you from signing up? If reading about it is not enough, I STRONGLY encourage folks to watch the live stream below to hear from us and challenge you to take the challenge. You won’t regret it. I didn’t and definitely benefited greatly by participating in the #LEDA Challenge.

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