Why do video production companies need an hour or more to set up?

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As the old saying goes an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Why do video production companies need an hour or more to set up?

Why do video production companies need an hour or more to set up?


That is a question I hear often. Most video production professionals will agree that the more time they have to set up their gear properly, the easier it is to capture a great quality image, sound, and other elements needed for your video. What are we actually doing? Well, making sure the lighting is set at the proper temperature to get the best video quality, setting up and positioning the camera properly to best capture the entirety of your vision, and reducing the chance of injury because the equipment is properly secured.

It is critical to take your planning seriously in your pre-production meeting. The more information you provide, the easier it is for the video production team to efficiently set up for the shoot. This includes a few basic steps, including inviting the production team to do a thorough walk-through. This allows the team to troubleshoot and address potential challenges of creating the video, thereby spending less time improvising later, and enables them to set up the equipment in a more efficient manner.

Although every step can be taken to identify basic logistic issues, there are things you never plan for that can come, (Murphy’s Law, anyone?) and this is where your team needs to pivot and improvise. Luckily, if you’ve let them pre-plan, they will be better equipped to deal with any new unexpected challenges. Ready to create a video? Need some more incentives? Maybe this free stuff will help.

The Free stuff

For free literature of what to expect when you hire a video production company, read our Video Production process here and sign up for a free copy here.

Sign up today we’ll include a bonus Pre-Production checklist. The checklist covers what you need for a pre-production meeting, and on site at the shoot,

While many video production companies follow a similar format, the difference is in the details. Generally, the scope of the project will determine the length of each stage. Note: that is why video production companies will grill you like Jack Friday on Dragnet.

Remember, you are making a serious investment in your business and we also know that time is money. It’s better to spend the time up front, so you don’t need a do-over (we call it a re-shoot in the business), which costs more time and more money.


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