A New Approach to Interviewing – Using Google Autocomplete Function

by | Feb 7, 2018 | Featured, Solutions

When Wired Magazine came out with this interesting approach to interview celebrities using Google autocomplete function, it became an instant hit.

Rather than asking the usual series of questions, the interviewer presents them with various incomplete Google search terms related to their name or the project they are working on and then asks them to fill in the blanks.

This new approach to video interviewing brought a concept of two-way interaction between the audience and the interviewee because now the questions are coming directly from the audience. These kind of interviews are fun to watch, sparks interest and gives you a chance to answer your audiences queries in a fun way.

When Rob saw its popularity with celebrities, he came up with an idea to try it out with one of his friends in the realtor industry. His name is Keith Magnus and he is a Real Estate Advisor at Engle and Volkers. He shot a video interview with him where Robert used this Google autocomplete function in the middle of the interview to see how it goes with a non-celebrity.

This is the first part of the interview where he asked him some usual questions related to the importance of videos and communication in their marketing and branding efforts. This is an example of a traditional interview:



So, you see it was just a simple interview where he asked different questions and they discussed video marketing in a sort of conversation.

Now in the second and third parts of the interview, he tried this different yet unique approach and as you will continue watching the video, you will see how this interview starts to become more engaging and animating.

Rob typed Keith’s name on a google search bar and google autocomplete came up with different answers. He print that out on a paper and hid those search terms with a paper tag that came along with his name. Now Keith will open them one by one and will answer the queries that people are searching for his name. Sounds interesting right? Have a look:




Now in the third part of the interview, Rob came up with the most common questions that people search for real estate industry on Google and in this case, it was “what are the challenges of real estate industry?”



Definitely using Google autocomplete brought a lot of fun and great energy from Keith and the interview was crackling with a lot of high energy.

The purpose of writing this article is to bring to your attention that there are many new ways and techniques that we can use to make your interviews stand out. People look for entertainment and uniqueness. Dull and repeated stuff is never welcome. Think out of the box and you will be successful.

So what are you waiting for? We are here to help you find video concepts that can put you in the best light. We are dedicated to maintaining the integrity of presenting the client authentically. Give us a call at 617-359-8584 and discuss your needs. For more information about our company, visit our homepage at https://shalalalaproductions.com/.



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