Top 5 Reasons Why your Business Videos aren’t performing and how to fix it.  

by | May 1, 2018 | Commentary, Solutions

Identifying why business videos aren’t performing can be overwhelming but…

… here’s a hand quick spot checklist to help diagnose the problem.

1)  Bad Content  (Solution: Create Better content)

2)  Technical issues. i.e. Bad audio or poor video quality.   (Solution: Find where it’s bad and fix it.  and if you can’t start from scratch )

3)  Attract the wrong audience  (Solution: Re-target video to your market properly or re-evaluate your message)

4)  No one is viewing videos  (Solution: Check your marketing distribution strategy and channels and adjust accordingly)

5)  The video wasn’t shared or liked or no one is acting on CTA. (Solution: Didn’t give a CTA or see Q1 o Q4 for reasons)

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Obviously, there’s a lot of work behind in executing the solution but the first step is determining the root cause before implementing your solutions.  If you’re reading this message BEFORE May 17, and you want to learn a lot about best video practices please register for this upcoming event with the AMA by clicking on the twitter link below.  #videomarketing #AMABoston #paneldiscussions #networking

If you’re reading AFTER May 17 and in need to consult with someone with your video needs, reach out to us and we can schedule an appointment to talk further and get to the root of your challenges!

In the meantime, here’s are a couple of articles we find helpful for those in the early process of putting together a plan for their business videos. (click on the thumbnails to access the articles)

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