Thoughts on guest appearance on James Hick’s Perspectives in Focus

by | Dec 29, 2020 | Company, Commentary, Featured

Robert Lee’s guest appearance on James Hick’s Perspectives in Focus 1:1 w Robert Lee


The first time I virtually met James Hicks was initially watching James talk with a mutual colleague Corey (a.k.a TallBoy) Sanders on a live stream program called The Lab (program designed to talk about consumer technology (what’s hot, what they use, and recommended). He & Corey had a Holiday special talking about gear to zoom in on to buy.

Seeing James, Corey, and their surprise guest Patty Elize, that we know on the show, combined with the subject got me hooked. Naturally, James picked up on my enthusiasm and was aware of my connection with Corey and Patty, he threw me a curve (which he’s deft at doing, slight inside joke) and asked me on the spot to come on the show. Click  “here” to see how it went down.


What struck me is how James navigates around different topics on the show was pretty smooth in changing topics, and how he breaks things downs of the gear he uses in painting a picture for the audience. It perfectly compliments Corey’s nuts and bolts detail of the product itself.

So after the show, in speaking with James. We had a chance to compare notes on everything related to live streaming. After discovering some of the common interests we share, especially with collaboration, when he asked my interest to appear on his show, I jumped at the chance to continue the conversation.  Seeing how James present himself on camera with Corey and Patty, it was a relief to know how the discussion was going to unfold.  Even though he may have given me a heads up with potential curveballs to keep the show fresh it was going to go well, (well I still had the butterflies)

Sly grin

It didn’t take long between prepping for his show, Deja Vu hit me.  There’s a slight fly by the seat of your pants, as you had a sense of the topic, and the show structure, but there was still a sense of mystery, so you need to have an agile nimble mind in following the host’s lead in the discussion.  A practice that I’m familiar with for #VerboseWednesdays. That experience was invaluable that I could rely on to mentally rehearse in keeping my mind alert.. but still maintain a go with the flow approach. If you see that expression (sly grin ) on my face in the video below, you’ll know why.  In any case, if any other ideas or thoughts immerges as the days pass by, I’ll be sure to add to this post, but at the moment that’s what’s on my mind.

~RL 12/22/2020


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