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TedXBeaconStreet conference is coming, and we’ve been asked by ThePulseNetwork to work behind the scenes with them in filming this spectacular event!!

My Spidey sense is going bonkers, and that means you have a lot of questions, so here’s the 6 Answers to the most Frequently asked questions we’ve received.. or about to receive.

Q1)  What is the TedXBeaconStreet Conference? 
A)   Only the coolest mind blowing event that you should attend

Q2)   Um ok, but what’s TedXBeaconStreet?
A)   http://www.tedxbeaconstreet.com/about-tedxbeaconstreet/

Q3)  When will all this happen?  
A)   It’s A 2 day event, Nov 16th to 17,  

Q4)  Where is it held? 
A) The Lincoln School 19 Kennard Rd, Brookline, MA 02445

Q5)  What’s the schedule? 
A)  http://www.tedxbeaconstreet.com/tedxbeaconstreet-2013/

Q6)  What’s the cost?
A)  IT’s FREE!

Q)  Will we be fed?
A)  That’s 7 question but heck I’ll answer that. How does a tasty menu from Jasper White Sound?

Q)  Wait you just answered a question with a question.
A)   Was there a question?

Q)  You just did it again!
A)  I did?

Q)  Never mind.

Hope to see you there!. 😉

~  Robert   (can you tell I’ve been watching too many episodes of Monty Python ‘s Flying Circus?;) )



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