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I’d recommend this option if you need to film and post a live event video of your company. Especially if you’re in a time crunch to post it immediately, and it’s content that does not require high production value, (but if you need a production company that can produce such content I may know of one )

Below, these videos were shot with the use of a phone app called Periscope.You can download it for the Iphone or for the Android.  There is another app called Meerkat but the great thing about Periscope is the ease of use of posting the video within Twitter which is something Meerkat is not set up to offer. I’ll try not to stray from my main point but, click here, to watch CNBC* explain the differences between the two.

One thing to bear in mind is that Periscope video keeps the video online for 24 hrs from when the video was shot from your phone.  We recommend you back up your video on your phone, and upload the video to your companies video hosting site or 3rd party video hosting sites like Vimeo (as seen below), YouTube, Wistia, etc.that allows you more time to share the video with others. We hope that Periscope down the road may add a longer shelf life to save you the upload step.

It kills me that this video can only be shot vertically , If you’re like me and if you have the time, you can import your Periscope video into your video editing software and edit. (As seen below in Example 1).  My hope and preference is that Periscope will allow you to shoot horizontally to save you the step of re-editing but just know that if you don’t have the time, you can shoot it as is

Down below are 2 different videos I shot at the #SudburySocial Tweetup. (held at the 29 Bistro in Sudbury MA) The past month Bob Cargill, the Director of Social media with OverDrive Interactive and I have been teaming up demonstrating with other members on how to use it and the social media benefits of it, I’d go on but Bob can best explain it by watch one of the 2 videos below.  Hmm we may take our act on the road in Massachusetts so if you are in our neck of the woods and want hear for yourself drop us a line. or just stay connected via Periscope. 🙂


Example 1

Example 2

(* Bear in mind it was posted March 2015, a lot can change from now)

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