The description provided by PaxEast: Text parsers, Point-and-Clicks, and Narrative-Based Games have a rich history in the gaming industry from past companies such as Sierra On-Line, LucasArts, Westwood Studios, and many more. But where are our beloved Adventure Games now? They continue strong especially from current companies such as Dave Gilbert’s Wadjet Eye Games, Francisco Gonzalez’s Grundislav Games, Transolar Games founded by Lori and Corey Cole of Sierra On-Line of Quest for Glory fame, and from amazing individuals working solely on retro-inspired text parser games like Julia Minamata of The Crimson Diamond. This panel will be from a game dev’s perspective hosted by Francisco Gonzalez (who has an incredible background in bringing further adventure games to fruition), with questions focusing on what projects are being currently worked on in the Adventure Game Community and what the future holds for these type of games and the fandom. For all you Adventure Game enthusiasts join us with special guests Dave Gilbert [CEO Wadjet Eye Games], Josh Mandel [Writer Transolar Games & Formerly of Sierra On-Line], Katie Hallahan Rahhal [Co-Founder & Game Designer Phoenix Online Studios] and Julia Minamata [Creator & Artist The Crimson Diamond], moderated by Francisco Gonzalez [CEO Grundislav Games]. See you there Adventurers! PANELISTS Francisco Gonzalaz [CEO, Grunislav Games], Dave Gilbert [CEO, Wadjet Eye Games], Josh Mandel [Writer Transolar Games, Formerly of Sierra On-Line], Katie Hallahan Rahhal [Co-Founder & Game Designer, Phoenix Online Studios], Julia Minamata [Creator and Artist, The Crimson Diamond]. (Thumbnail source (Phoenix Online Studios and PAX East))

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