Photos and comments on the Sound of Business, Whammies and MYOB and much much more.

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First off a big thank you to the UR Business Network crew and Sy (a.k.a Sidney Yules) for their warmth and hospitality. Little did I know that they had read my previous posting, Me? Nervous to talk about music videos? Nah?   So they really looked out for me, and made sure I felt right at home. As you can see in the photos down below, they did a pretty good job. :) The smiling faces was the big tip off. ;)    We hope you’ll enjoy the photos, and we’ll be posting soon with an update of when the podcast of The Sounds of Business will air (which may be fairly soon) as well as  MYOB (Mind Your Own Business Radio show with Rick Brutti)

Yes, it was a nice surprise to be asked to be on Rick’s show as well.  Here’s what’s happened.  After the taping of the show, Sy, had spoke about Rick’s show. He mentioned that Rick’s program  focused on entrepreneurs and what people have done to start their business. Sy thought it would be fun if I went on Rick show. Sure enough I was back in the guess seat. The added bonus, they had recently welcomed Todd Newton (yes the same Todd Newton that was on E!, Prices is Right, and Whammy the All new Press your Luck) to the UR Business Network family. Todd had sat in on the program, so I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Rick and Todd that day.  It was a blast! Turns out they share the same sense of humor and are TV junkie like me. The conversation so free flowing and loose, that they even got me to explain the origins of the naming of our company. (you’ll have to listen to Rick show to hear that.. I know it’s a cliff hanger. ha ha ha) It really felt like hanging out with buddies at a local watering hole sharing stories. My sides are still sore from laughing so hard. Come to thing of it, it reminds me more of watching such talk shows like the Tonight show with Johnny Carson, or Tomorrow with Tom Snyder.  I always wanted to be in on a program as a guest, or just even be like Ed McMahon and sit in on such fun talk. So to be on a show like that, and participating was a dream come true. :)
                              Robert Lee and Sy (Sidney Yules) on the “Sound of Business”
        Group shot with the UR Business Network Crew (big thanks to Sy for taking the photo
2014-03-18 group photo 12014-03-18 group photo 2
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