Newton Mayoral Business Forum

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Sha La La La Productions had the honor to film the Newton Mayoral Business Forum.



Less than a week ago, we were notified by the chamber if we could film the Live event, the Newton Mayoral Business Forum, for them to be distributed online for other chamber members, and local residents that could not attend the event.  We were honored and glad to provide a service to help inform our local chamber members (Yep we’re a proud Newton-Needham Regional Chamber member) on who the candidates are, what they are like and where they stand on the issues.

It was an informal casual setting and thought the Chamber’s President Greg Reibman did an excellent job as moderator in engaging the candidates with a nice mix of sharp questions and finding innovating ways to see the other side of the candidates.

It’s been crazy, to say the least with how things are going on in the world. I’m not really sure how other elections are being covered and couldn’t help to think it’s an honor, a privilege, heck even a civic duty to ensure that voters would get the information they need in deciding the candidate that best represents their interest.  It’s why we were hell-bent to make sure we take extra steps that the candidates are heard and seen. It wasn’t our intention we’d be seen in the filming as we prefer to operate behind the scenes, but, when I was literally asked during the taping how it sounded… well you couldn’t see or hear me but gave the President Reibman the thumbs up we’re good to go. Even when the microphones have a mind of their own (as one of the candidates discover as you’ll soon see when you watch the video, as you can click here  )

Needless to say, I was relieved that the audio matter was resolved so I can slip back to getting back to filming the Newton Mayoral Business forum.  One warning to those wanting to film your own forum. Try not get too engrossed in the discussion or you’ll forget you’re filming. Had I not relied on my past experience, I’d probably forget when to think as a camera person than as an audience member, of when to follow the discussion.

Overall, we’re glad we could be a part of the election process. The last memorable thing to share is if you don’t mind fiddling with the play settings you can start from the beginning after listening to the candidate’s response to The memorable question asked by President Reibman “What’s the best job and the worse job you’ve ever held? Click below to hear their response.


Shalalala Productions - Pres Greg Reibman addressing the candidates

Newton Mayor Business Forum Aug 10 17

Shalalala Productions - Not running for mayor

Newton Mayor Business Forum Aug 10 17

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