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by | Nov 5, 2012 | Customers, Solutions

Hi everyone:

I was looking in my inbox, and came across a thoughtful message from a client. (which I will share with everyone in the testimonial section), She thanked us for filming her wedding a couple of months ago. Now it was a really spectacular wedding. A lot of dancing, food, and fun that you can shake a stick with. I could go on how great it is, but I will share a moment in the wedding that best sums up the spirit of the occasion. Now this was a very intimate ceremony (only a few close friends and family were in attendance. that was held on a bandstand by the water,

At the wedding rehearsal, they explained to me of what they wanted film. It sounds pretty straight forward, but if there’s one thing I learned with any shoot is that anything can happen. For when I asked them, how they will arrive at the wedding, they just said, something along the line, ah you’ll see it’ll be a big surprise. I figured a big day like this, how big of a surprise can it be?

Well it was close to 5 pm, and everyone was there but the couple. Everything they listed was down to the minute of how things should be filmed, so I was a little worried, and wonder what could be the delay. Before I wonder further, one of the guests next to me said, “Hey! Is that them on the boat?”  Sure enough one of the nephews were rowing them from the far end of the water to the bandstand. I guess they wanted to make their arrival a big splash. (couldn’t resist the water reference)  Naturally I did my best Road Runner imitation and ran to the docks. I captured what I could on video.  When I took my camera and zoomed in on their faces, I could see their huge smiles. They were just enjoying the ride and not worrying about anything.  At that moment, it just hit me, how silly I was to get caught up with the franticness. When you go through all the preparation, and the work, its very easy to lose sight of things and forget what was important, So as weird as this sounds, I was really glad they surprised us with the boat and just remind us what matters the most. From then on it set the tone of what more adventures and surprises they had for us.  It certainly made an interesting story to share, (especially for this blog)


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