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What to do on down times

I still have difficulty saying it loud. It’s a tough thing to say that when times are tough you need to take drastic steps or find better use of your time. It’s been extremely difficult to find work in any form. I’ve been so hell-bent on the marketing and sales effort or networking that I never made time to skill build, to work on my craft, last year what I did was flex my editing skills. Plus a nice way to put the computer through its paces and to finally put to use some of the video plugs in I bought to see it’s capabilities and performance.

So right now I had a chance to sink my teeth in some multi-cam projects I either had shelved because I didn’t have the proper resources or game plan till now. I write the general outline below in case fellow editors wanted to know what I mapped out and more for me to remember if I can’t remember.

Steps to editing Multicam Footage

Step 1 Gather footage,
Step 2 Run plural eyes,
Step 3 Import Plural Eyes folder into Premiere Pro,
Step 4 Created nested sequence file for each camera footage, (thank you Premiere Gal for the tip)
Step 5 Right-click to run the multi-cam function
Step 6 Using the keyboards as a switcher,
Step 7 Use the rolling tool to help smooth out the edit on switching shots. save and edit.
So big check there.
The other plugin tool, I’ve had a chance to play around with a Magic Bullet plugins to do some color correction and address denoiser issue. I know some folks have said better to master the basics before using the plugins, but I will say this if you have an urgent project to crank on, quite a few have pushed for plugin uses. I had done some research and saw big difference how much time saver it is. However, the tradeoff is in improved time efficiency in editing the rendering is going to take a while regardless of how fast your computer is, for the simple reason of amount CPU needed to clean up the footage.
The hope is once the render wraps up soon I can work on improving the audio. I had already used solely the master track from the audio feed we got from the main audio source at the theater, but still, need to see if it’s up to a musician’s standard. At very least I got the “decent” seal of approval from a respective audio technician so that’s a good start. 🙂
Funny at the time of this writing, the work has been long done and forgot to post the article and provide the video link. Below is the video for you to enjoy., Oh and if you see Shelly, you can let her know we sent her an e-mail apologizing for the delay and hope everyone enjoyed her performance.

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