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I’ve had some time to reflect from last weeks show to offer my thoughts, and here’s a couple that stand out.

Prior to going on live, #KrisSimmons and I were doing some sound checks with my computer. While we were testing, he just went over a few points. Essentially he said he kept the format loose by playing by ear of whattopics to address. This approach will just keep the show from sounding scripted and rehearse. The timing couldn’t have been perfect, for while I was testing out different head phones, I found myself just joking around of finding the right pair to where.  At one point, I joked about not wearing the old fashion headphones, for it would make me look like Princess Leia from Star Wars.

For some reason, the Princess Leia comment just served an example to me of an unscripted moment. It reminded me to have fun with the shoot in talking about the work I love to do. The rest would come naturally.  It’s funny that when I’m out on the shoot, those are the points I would pass on to those involved in the shoot and yet I forgot about it when I was getting ready.. until that moment.. From there it went without a hitch..

Guess that’s what I call my Sha La La La moment of the day… Or in this case my vocabulary portion of the posting.

The way we define Sha La La La Moment, is just one similar to those life lessons you learn that’s heartfelt and a little corny..Just so you know it wasn’t too corny.  The biggest highlight was a portion of the show we had callers and Kris examine my website and offer comments and suggestions of what changes I can do to improve my website’s visibility, so I came away with some valuable information, so you may see what those changes are in the next couple of months. We’ve also had a chance to hear callers and Kris’s talk about the challenges they face in bringing on new clients, and compared notes with others of what methods works and doesn’t work in promoting yourself through SEO.  Plus,it was nice to see of my peers such as Mark O’Brien from BuzzFlix Media, and Dan Rollins from calling in with some questions. They had asked what challenges I face in competing with other production companies in the Boston area with a nice humorous twist.  Thanks guys!!!!

If you want to hear the show in it’s entirety, you’ll need to become a member with KRE8 Insights.  However, Kris was gracious enough to allow us to play a portion of the interview here on our website. so here it is.

In the meantime, if you are a video professional who have the desire to be more successful or one that is considering toenter in the field, we cannot recommend it highly enough for you to join KRE8 Insights.  The staff is extremely helpful and the members are equally if not more helpful in wanting to see others succeed. And just for kicks, I thought I add this photo here from last week’s show.  First prize (TBD) goes to the person who knows How I pulled this shot off. 🙂







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