It’s all about the Context

by | Jan 26, 2017 | Commentary, Solutions

Context, Context, Context

(or, when can I get by doing things without investing in video production professional services)


A clarification, when we had released the 3 U’s segment,

The video does not focus on the context relating to the content of your video. The context of the video was our recommendation for folks to determine when how great it looks.

We understand that not everyone has a Hollywood budget to spend on videos, so companies need to be selective of when to break the bank or when to find other means.  Putting into the context of when your video was shot and how your videos will be used for your business will answer that question.  Situations where you’re out in the field, alone, or filming a live event, and you wish to share your thoughts and the only thing you have is your cell phone, that’s ok. It’s an extreme example but given the context of the situation, viewers will understand why the video may look different.  Especially if the video is presented as a day in the life or a road report segment on your website.

If you do use your cell phone, please please please remember to hold the camera horizontally and avoid Vertical video syndrome, or you may suffer the consequence from Bane if you don’t. 😉  )

Alternatively, if you’re providing a big presentation to a targetted audience and needing to make a spectacular first impression with your video demonstration, it’s recommended and encourage to offer a well thought out dialog and filmed visual (If you don’t have the assets or personnel in your organization, that’s when you should consider looking into a video professional to create the video with you).  This important advice applies to all industries in putting your best foot forward, whether it’s landscaping, Home improvement, medical, health, and wellness or other fields.it’s important to put your best foot forward.

The next time you’re trying to sort things out of how to present your content and what to consider, remember to think of the context of your content.

Still not sure what to do?  Let us know and we’ll be glad to help you sort things out.



(*VideoNote footage: Shown earlier in the 3 U’s segment is our colleague Darren Fitzgerald, who was giving a talk, at the South Shore Chamber of Conference.)


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