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An easy place for followers to find all of our past and present festive videos that we create for pure fun.  A great escape from heavy Marketing content and focus on the true nature of these videos which is to provide humorous relief from your worries. For us it provides us a creative outlet and to test a couple of things

The main collaborator and primary creative driving force of these videos have been my brother Joshua Lee, where if it weren’t for him I’d forget why I got into the business.

Please contact us if you wish to learn more or participate.

The Creators

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Robert Lee

The Founder and Video Executive Producer of ShaLaLaLa Productions.
Prior to ShaLaLaLa, Robert brings 20+ years of experience in direct marketing for businesses, especially medical manufacture, education, food, and the entertainment industry. His marketing background and creativity give him a unique perspective and approach to creative/live streaming shoots where he had produced a music documentary that has aired on several public access channels across Massachusetts and his company won Online video awards with NEDMA. Robert’s projects have given him the opportunity to work with a diverse range of talent including Edward James Olmos, Kevin Eastman, Paul Michael Glaser, Chris Trapper, Noam Chomsky, and Bianca de la Garza. He has been featured on The Mobius Video Podcast and UR Business Network Podcast Program. When he’s not working on a shoot, you can easily find him passionately giving talks about production, livestreaming or video marketing in formal and informal settings. A firm believer in pre-production, and that the key things for your videos are knowing your audience, knowing your goals, purposes, and more importantly your message.

Currently, Robert’s been donating his time/resources to help businesses/association’s efforts in raising money and awareness for the hospitals and medical front liners through livestreaming. If you or know others that could benefit from his service please reach out to us for more information and contact us.

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Joshua Lee

When Josh is not busy helping out Rob on his “downtime” His true profession (a geotechnical engineer and consultant keep him pretty tied up.

When he’s not working on a technical project, most likely he’ll be on the run helping others personally (like his parents, his finicky feline friend Dr. Whiskers, his college friends from Swarthmore college) or professionally. Yes, he IS that guy as Dad would say with a BIG heart.  It’s not uncommon to learn he’s tied up helping out the Maynard Elks with their charitable activities or cooking up a storm in the Maynard Food Pantry.



Our Recent Holiday Videos

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Holiday Trivia Question Contest

The Pep talk or The Truth Hurts

The Rob Lee After Xmas & Nys Outtakes

Rob Lee Xmas Spec. Covid Ed. #2 Bad breath

Rob Lee Xmas Spec. Covid Ed. #1

The Rob Lee After Xmas & NYrs Special 2019

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