Heeding the call with Experimenting creatively

by | Sep 6, 2017 | Commentary, Solutions

Experimenting creatively. Come again?


Before folks jump the gun on the topic “Experimenting creatively”, the term was meant in the context of content marketing creation with videos.

Shalalala Productions - paging doctor rob

Paging doctor rob

The origins of experimenting.

The idea of banging out this article was from a conversation I had with Patch Baker, on the Mobius Media Solution video podcast. If you don’t have the opportunity to watch the Mobius Podcast, Patch had talked about how he’s a big proponent of getting your content out (and so am I 🙂 ). He agrees with Gary Vanderchuk of “don’t worry about being perfect with your video content”.  The important point is to get it out there for all to see.  Through the process and the different iteration of the videos, it’ll get better.

Tyler Pyburn and Phil DiMartino from 5 Tool Productions had raised a similar point in their video of not being shy in experimenting with new things with your content. If you don’t have time to watch the video, they illustrated with their latest video podcast of filming differently. In prior videos, they had presented to the camera. In this video, it was shot in an interview format where they faced each other at a table. (Think Charlie Rose)

My thoughts.

I do agree with Patch, Tyler and Phil that it’s important to experiment, I caution it’s the context of when the video is presented to determine when to experiment. if it’s content you’re disseminating such as marketing advice in an informal setting would be fine. If you’re unveiling a new product to appeal to your target market, you’ll want the video more polished and look professional. In an earlier article I wrote, it’s not only the context that’s important but knowing what your goals and objective are critical in determining whether or not to experiment or not to experiment.

That being said, it did remind us of an earlier experiment we conducted at our studio. We shot this video to experiment how we could set up a 2 person shoot in an interview format. What we came up was harken to the days of early 70’s talk show television format.  We even went far to create the illusion with the use of our green screen and the choice of back drop behind us.  It certainly was a lot of fun to film.  Another thing we tested out was how to set up the video for video marketing and video landing page work with the use of the Convert player.

The video has a text accompany at the bottom where you can click to a landing page as the video is playing. It’s a new service we’re offering so it made sense to test it out as well as offer a sample so interesting folks can see how it works.

The takeaway.

In the end, the take away is that there’s a lot of options to try out and experiment.  Make sure you know what your goals and objective are, to help you decide the answer to the question Is this the right opportunity in experimenting creatively? What am I testing?   What do you think? Do you share the belief of experiment and worry about how it looks later?  Do you struggle with the mindset of not worrying about how it looks?  We’d love to hear your thoughts. If you like what you read, and the videos you see here, please share with others that may benefit from our talks.  Thanks for reading and watching!





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