Thoughts on guest appearing on Bob Cargill’s Marketing Show

by | Oct 29, 2020 | Company, Commentary, Featured

Rob and Matt guest appearance on Bob Cargill’s Marketing Show


When I started the show #VerboseWednesdays, with Matthew Haas. I never thought we get this far with 20 episodes. (Still going as I type this out.)  Personally, I was looking to experiment with content and “getting my reps in” as a live streamer talent and as a technician; so to be asked on Bob Cargill’s Marketing show is certainly humbling, and a thrill.

Bob is a fellow member of the New England Marketing Association. We often cross paths at various conferences and networking events.  He’s well-spoken as he often gives talks in his specialty in social media, social media marketing, and has quite a following in New England.

My co-host Matt Haas, is well versed with All Things YouTube and has been active in his marketing efforts of promoting his various YouTube Channels and staying abreast with video production, video marketing, and other pertinent information.

For me, I’ve been immersed in all aspects of Live Streaming professionally or with my own endeavors.

A Thrill

So naturally, with the 3 of us with our respective background, there wouldn’t be any problems finding what topics to talk about on the show. My greater interest was seeing the two of them connect as both possess great thought and care with their work, and knew each was interested in the others’ field of work to build upon their knowledgebase.

I’ll admit, It did catch me off guard that to see them interact on and off the air was a source of delight as enjoy. If I had to think about it, I suppose that with the Pandemic, especially with the third wave hitting Boston, that it’s reassuring to know that we’ll find ways to strengthen connection and finding a need to build and grow our own network and community.


I suppose if you see me grinning in the video that may give some insights into what was going on in my head, but guess I’ll let you be the judge of that.  In any case, if any other ideas or thoughts immerges as the days pass by, I’ll be sure to add to this post, but at the moment that’s what’s on my mind.

~RL 10/29/2020


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