And now a Sha La La La Productions BTS tale

It never ceases to amaze me, when I hear how videographers go at what lengths to get that shot for the project their working on. Guess the next time a colleague ask me to give an example at least I can ref to this picture below as an example

 shooting from a closet

I was on a performance shoot for a colleague, at a recording studio. (If you like to know where, just drop me a line on the contact page) We had to squeeze 6 performers with their instruments and microphone, 2 camera shooters, 4 cameras, and various audio equipment in a small area. Any tight squeeze examples would fit in this description.. (Oh wow an unintended pun. 😉 ) To get the wide angle shot for this shoot, the lead shooter had me in a closet, and just worked my magic to pull the lens and camera back as far as I could, I think we settle on a F stop of 2.8 and played around the gain. Oops, almost went into geek talk.. safe to say if there ever was a reason I needed to get a wider lens, this may do it.

Beyond the funny looks the performers gave me, it was a fun shoot. and it didn’t take long for us to joke around about it. The trade off was that I witness a real stellar performance, and made a memorable impression with the performers. At least they’ll know me as the guy that’s willing to try anything for the good of the shoot. Or that guy that likes to shoot in closet?

Do you think I’m creative? Crazy? or maybe both? Let us know what you think.

Sha La La La Productions BTS Tale, videographer

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