Facebook Live vlog addressing how to get more views.

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Giving Facebook Live vlog a whirl.


It’s a little weird for me to use Facebook Live vlog in addressing the point about how to get more views.  We’re a video production company and we should be using our gear.  True. and again this goes back to an earlier article I wrote about context.  I had immediate thoughts that I didn’t want to forget, and was in the moment. In those instances where I had urgency in posting it, using my cell phone made sense.  I could go into the studio to set up, but that would be ideal if you have a crew with you. It’s much harder to do it when you’re alone and takes away the time in presenting my thoughts where I need to address the technical aspects properly.

To get the answer to the question you want on how to get more views, “watch the video!”.

If you have a bad wifi connection or don’t have the time to watch, then go down below for the SPOILER Answer.

Off the cuff advice. How do I get my (video viewed/article artwork seen)

Posted by Robert Lee on Saturday, March 25, 2017


Here are the 2 points I made on how to get more views.

  1.  Know your audience of what content they need and what you can provide that plays to your strength of your business.
  2. Make sure your content meets the 3 E’s criteria. (If you don’t remember what the 3 E’s are, read our previous post)

These points are getting back to the fundamentals of marketing and advertising. It’s also true.  Don’t let other articles distract you from the basics. When you remember that you’ll do a better job with engagements and response with your content so that the next question would be execution on how to address it.  Do I do it myself or if not why should I hire a professional?

Thanks for watching. Do you have a comment or thoughts on the matter?  Feel free to contact me with any questions on the subject or video related. (Like Alexander did within the video regarding gear). 🙂


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