Quick Thoughts on guest appearance on James Hick’s Digital Collective and programming news

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Robert Lee’s guest appearance on James Hick’s Digital Collective but first programming news.

Announcing a new streaming program

If you missed the announcement yesterday on Jame’s Hick’s program, the Digital Collective, the big announcement we shared exclusively with him is we are debuting a new monthly live streaming program with an international YouTube talent Xanthi Syrakou called, Pop Goes the Stream.

“Pop Goes the Stream” will air Thursday, December 2, 2021, at 3:00 PM EST. 9:00 PM in Sweden. on both her YouTube Channel and of course our own YouTube Channel as well.
It’s a series covering a diverse perspective in all things pop culture (leaning heavily on the nerdy/geeky side) in a pretty casual-cool laidback environment
Our show is inclusive and welcome to engage, interact, and entertain our viewers and listeners. This show will be multi-streamed with Xanthi’s YouTube channel.
Subjects will range from all aspects of pop culture (movie, tv, comics, gaming for starters), in various mediums video/audio, and much more.
Personally, for me, it is a nice change of pace from our usual topics and focuses on all things in pop culture with a heavy leaning to Geeky/Nerdy subjects.

As we get closer to the date, we’ll release more info.
Shalalala Productions - Pop Goes the Stream

Thoughts on Digital Collective appearance

If you missed The Digital Collective, you can catch the replay down below, A definite blast to be reunited with my former co-host of #verboseperspective as I’ve been on as a guest before.  What stood out to me is how funny is to be reunited with another guest on the show. That was my former co-host of #verbosewednesdays, Matt Haas.

It’s a different dynamic for me not to have to split my attention wearing the TD (Technical Director) hat. I’ll admit it felt like having a day off as my sole focus is on the conversation.  It was a nice change of pace where I didn’t need to man the switchers. No surprise that I can enjoy solely focusing on sharing my thoughts and tips, especially about the production Livestream software we use which is vMIx. When you watch the video, I mentioned some of the advantages of having vMix. One notably was the ability to incorporate seamless transitions. Browser streaming tools, ReStream or Streamyard lacks that capability.

The other topics I shared were finer points of tackling challenges of the workflow distributing your streams. That didn’t mean I didn’t contribute to the whacky hilarity to display some of the graphic work either illustrating a point or punching up a humorous point.

~RL 11/20/2021

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