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Most companies prefer to do production work in-house. They brainstorm some great content ideas but being naive in the video production field, they don’t know where to start.

This is where we come in. ShaLaLaLa Productions offers marketing and technical consultation to companies and individuals who are eager to grow their brands/business with videos but need guidance on how to start, what resources to secure to create such videos or the best way to distribute/market their videos. We help you design a proper game plan so you can focus on the most important tasks at hand, i.e. on how to get the most out of your videos rather than wasting your time on Google search finding the answer. Some of the services that we offer include:


Making a video (on site or virtual) may seem easy if you are using your phone but when it comes to using professional equipment, you may lack the necessary knowledge. This could lead to serious time delays and unnecessary expenses.

We offer the best product recommendations (no matter what your budget is, we try to find something that best suits your needs) and software recommendations (such as one that offers tools to help stabilize shaky shots or one that helps in animation and other advanced features). From a planning perspective, we can provide insight on what goes into creating a video production budget, scope, rates, and materials needed. We will also show you how to create accurate estimates, quotes, and invoices either from a production company perspective or offer insights to clients regarding different rates for such services in the video production industry.

We also offer video marketing advice and consultation that would include a proper game plan to identify the best channels or resources that will market your company in this competitive world.

We have helped quite a number of clients with their social media marketing plans including the content to post on their social media channels for brand awareness and maximum conversions.

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With Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube being widely used by consumers these days, it is important to learn how to effectively showcase your brand on these social media channels.

We understand that not every company has the budget to hire a video production company for their social media campaigns and it is not advisable too. With the advent of the latest smartphones and professional cameras, a company can easily train some of its employees to make short videos for their social media channels.

Recently we helped a real estate company in training its employees on how to shoot professional videos using their smartphones for their social media postings and so far this has been working quite nice for them.

Pre-production is all about planning a shoot before the camera starts rolling. During pre-production training, we will teach you how to plan for a shoot by identifying the resources (gear, crew,) needed to do the work and tips on how to manage crew and oversee the work.

Let us know your needs and we will design a custom training program for you!

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Every art needs to be learned. Even if you have been a great influencer on Instagram or Youtube, you need some guidance when it comes to video production and video marketing.

Our instructional training includes but is not limited to subjects like “how to become a better producer”, “how to create and effectively use your video resume”, “how to plan a shoot”, “identifying resources and personnel/skills for your next video marketing campaign” etc.

Robert at Shalalala Productions was an invited speaker at Bentley University where he talked about the value of a video resume and how to use it constructively. Earlier this year he was also invited as a guest on the AMA podcast and gave advice on video marketing.

We will be happy to provide any instructional training that is needed in the field of production or marketing. Let’s discuss it!

Interested in working together? Send us an inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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