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Trying out new feature with Restream of playing live stream direct to the website


Let us know what you think? How does it look? Does it work better?   If you missed it you can catch the replay , as the feature only works on the day of the show, once the show ends, so does your chance to catch it live here.


Robert Lee’s guest appearance on James Hick’s Digital Collective part II but first

Announcing an upcoming new program.

Stay tuned for further updates but for now, can share with you a small sample (yep and for illustrative purposes we do mean small)  of what’s program is in the works, design, and logo hasn’t been finalized so this has been whipped together for reporting purposes.

Shalalala Productions - bigger Jibber Jabber



Thoughts on Digital Collective appearance Part 2

If you missed The Digital Collective, you can catch the replay down below, A definite blast to be reunited with my former co-host of #verboseperspective as I’ve been on as a guest before.  What stood out to me is how funny is to be reunited with another guest on the show. That was my former co-host of #verbosewednesdays, Matt Haas.

It’s a different dynamic for me not to have to split my attention wearing the TD (Technical Director) hat. I’ll admit it felt like having a day off as my sole focus is on the conversation.  It was a nice change of pace where I didn’t need to man the switchers. No surprise that I can enjoy solely focusing on sharing my thoughts and tips, especially about the production Livestream software we use which is vMIx. When you watch the video, I mentioned some of the advantages of having vMix. One notable was the ability to incorporate seamless transitions. Browser streaming tools, ReStream or Streamyard lacks that capability.

The other topics I shared were finer points of tackling challenges of the workflow distributing your streams. That didn’t mean I didn’t contribute to the whacky hilarity to display some of the graphic work either illustrating a point or punching up a humorous point.

~RL 3/01/2022

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