Why is Collaboration Valuable?

The big take away is anytime you have an opportunity to work with colleagues where your client can benefit from your collaboration, (as we truly believe that collaboration is valuable.)  I strongly encourage it, especially if you feel you’re short on resources and people-power.

Our wheelhouse is creating and producing promotional videos, conferences, conventions, and marketing videos. When our client Parkway Real Estate LLC wanted to create a video that’s different from our approach, we’re not shy to bring in colleagues that have the gear and special skill sets in executing the project. The challenge when you bring in colleagues is communications. In situations like this, it’s recommended that you hammer out the arrangements on identifying who’s responsible for executing the work, what resources to use, and what’s the best way of communicating with everyone in ensuring the project is moving in a timely manner. It’s important that once you have made the necessary arrangements then it’s a matter of executing the plan, and making sure all stakeholders are informed and aware. For this situation, I knew which colleagues to reach out to that would be interested in collaborating. In our social media posts, (more prominently on Instagram, but on Facebook and Twitter too), we identified we had collaborated with Midnight Brunch for Parkway Real Estate LLC ‘s video  You can see how our collaborative turned out in the video below. 🙂

Keep in mind this arrangement can only work if you have a great working relationship and excellent communication with your colleagues and not recommended if you haven’t built that trust, otherwise the client can suffer from a dis-harmony relation. We’re a strong believer in collaboration, as the ultimate goal is to serve the client well in meeting their needs, so we definitely were ecstatic once we could team up with Midnight Brunch and tackle the project together.

We’ll be sure to have more photos and videos to share after the Thanksgiving holiday but in the meantime, if you have more questions or learn more about best practices in collaborating with colleagues and clients, let me know and be glad to share my thoughts. In the meantime here’s a couple of BTS photos you may enjoy.


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