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Why Hire a Video Production Professional?

Why Hire a Video Production Professional? Without question the ability to make your own videos has never seemed easier and it’s easy to purchase what you need to make a video. So why hire someone if you can do it yourself? Well, there are quite a few reasons why you...

Sha La La La Productions = Video Resumes

Sha La La La Production = Video Resumes What does the title mean?   I'll answer that question by sharing a little bit of my thought process.  I've been there before, Yes, it's hard to find a job when you're starting out whether you've recently graduated from college,...

Video resume and Job hunting equal a winning combination

How does a video resume and job hunting = a winning combination? The Answer How does a video resume and job hunting equal a winning combination? Before you create one, you need a firm understanding of what you want. You need to know your audience, and you need to know...

Video Production Process

The Video Production Process (If the link doesn't work, continue reading) Wonder what steps are involved to create a promotional video for your business? With us you'll know. Below is description of the video production process steps and work of what's involved to...

Proud to share the following Videos with you.

Little crazy and getting back to the swing of things. A fun share for you before I get slammed in the office. We (i.e. Sha La La La video production crew consists of some guy named Rob, David J. Curtis, Bart Grieb, and Pat J Buff) had the pleasure to work with HMR in...

Final thoughts for 2015 and thanks Mom & Dad, & Josh!

Before we say good bye to 2015, and move onward to 2016, first I wish to thank all of our clients for your business, enthusiasm and the great ideas you bring forth to us the opportunity in  creating memorable videos. A special thanks to our friends and family for your...

What’s up with the Flaming tree?

I'll admit I've been tied up in wrapping up projects before the new year, before clients and everyone are out on holiday break. I can only imagine how things are for Saint Nick with his colleagues at the North Pole. I wonder if he could spare some extra hands. 😉 The...

A Sha La La La tip for today to help you get out of your shell

It's weird for me to admit this out loud that there are times it's really hard to talk about myself. It's especially crucial as a small business owner, that you have the ability to pitch yourself.  The owner is the face of the business.  There's no substitute of...

Rachel Walker from Coqueteur surprises Robert Lee with a live interview…

You can watch the exclusive interview here, just click play and enjoy I swear, I have no idea, how this all happens. One minute I'm working the floors at the 128 Business Expo, promoting the business.The next minute, I find myself being in front, instead of behind the...

2015 Raffle winners from the 128 Business Expo

For a fun filled event who better than David Curtis and Robert Lee to pick the winners for The Sha La La La Productions' Satchel and our grand prize a Free 30 second video commercial just like the ones we shot at the 128 Business Expo. This week we'll notify the...

What a blast yesterday at the #128BusinessExpo

Leave it to Rob to forget to take some pics during ‪#‎128expo‬, but glad we all took a shot of the the ‪#‎Shalalala‬ crew before the day wrap at the #128Expo. Yep first rounds on Rob. smile emoticon

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