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Solar Eclipse Viewing

Missed out on the fun?   There's nothing to fret about, Watch me and my brother in our latest adventures of Solar Eclipse Viewing. It is pretty fun to safely look at the sun with a Cherrios cereal box or a Diet Mountain Dew 12 pack box. OH, and if you enjoy the video,...

Newton Mayoral Business Forum

Sha La La La Productions had the honor to film the Newton Mayoral Business Forum.     Less than a week ago, we were notified by the chamber if we could film the Live event, the Newton Mayoral Business Forum, for them to be distributed online for other chamber members,...

5 Points you must address before making a video for your business.

Before you create a video for your business, you need to address important questions that will help you decide what action to take. Down below is a checklist for you to help you sort it all out so that you are more informed and prepare, to help you decide should I...

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July video wish from all of us at Sha La La La Productions. 🙂

Why Video needs to be the centerpiece of your Digital Marketing Strategy!

Facebook Live vs Professional camera which do I use?  What's this video about? What I didn't know prior to promoting the speaking engagement " Why video needs to be the centerpiece of your Digitial Marketing Strategy" is that it is only offered to chamber members....

Putting Video to Work for your Business

How to use videos to upgrade your business The ability to make your own videos for business purposes has never seemed easier. So why should you hire a profes­sional if you can do it yourself? For many reasons. So before you grab a camera and head off to dreams of...

Facebook Live vlog addressing how to get more views.

Giving Facebook Live vlog a whirl.   It's a little weird for me to use Facebook Live vlog in addressing the point about how to get more views.  We're a video production company and we should be using our gear.  True. and again this goes back to an earlier article I...

It’s all about the Context

Context, Context, Context (or, when can I get by doing things without investing in video production professional services)   A clarification, when we had released the 3 U's segment, The video does not focus on the context relating to the content of your video. The...

Adobe Premiere Pro CC cheat sheet

Free cheat sheet download. No strings attached.   Yes, a free Adobe Premiere Pro CC (CC - Creative cloud) shortcut cheat sheet! No joke it's here's for the taking. Courtesy of Videoblocks.  This resource has been a big help for others, who only seek filming services...

What are the 3 Es?

Do your videos follow the 3 Es? Here's our Short simple valuable business video advice from ShaLaLaLa Production, a video production company in Boston.  When you create videos, do you have the 3Es or at least one of the 3 E's In fact, what are the 3 Es?  The 3 Es are...

Green screen, our secret ingredient for our holiday video shoot

Video Production Insights of executing on a Holiday video concept with the Green screen   As a video production company in Boston, we came up with a series of Christmas videos with the use of green screen.  Green Screen was a tool that’s commonly used for these types...

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