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A Surprise bonus when buying on line

Besides my production work, the next best thing I love is hunting down a killer buy. Especially when it comes to investing equipment for my business. This past week I  came across this great deal for Lowel lights.  It's an earlier model, but a great piece to add to my...

New Testimonial

Hi everyone: I was looking in my inbox, and came across a thoughtful message from a client. (which I will share with everyone in the testimonial section), She thanked us for filming her wedding a couple of months ago. Now it was a really spectacular wedding. A lot of...

What do you think?

Thought I post this and see what you think. Do you like the old or new version. Thanks!   Here's the current end credit I've used for documentaries, and other creative projects. (Just click on the image to watch it in it's entirety) Now here's a new end credit I...

Shameless Plug and question to Video Editors

Hi everyone. We hope everyone is staying dry and safe from Hurricane Sandy.  So if you should find yourself working at home, or looking for something to get your mind off about Hurricane Sandy, here's a couple things to get your mind.  One is something to watch,...

Queens of Kickstarting

Kickstarter is a wonderful and creative way for filmmakers and producers to find support and create buzz for film and video projects, particularly for subjects that are slightly off the beaten path. While scrolling through the site, we came across a film that looked...

A cool link I like to share about packing

Hey everyone: Before I dial into tonights Jets vs Pats game, I thought I share an article you may enjoy reading. I came across a cool link written by Benjamin Eckstein (owner of BeryliumPictures) about packing. I don't want to ruin the whole surprise, but I will say...

Shoots, shoots and more shoots, (or what’s been keeping me busy)

Hi everyone: The past couple of weeks have sure been rocking.  While I was working on the new site, I was also working on some shoots for Oceanos.  The owner, Brian Hession and the Oceanos crew, for they're just a fun bunch to work with so it's not uncommon for me to...

A little bit about the Blog

Hi Everyone: 4 days have past since the relauch of the website and I still can't believe it. I still have to pinch myself that it's still here on the web. Wow.  So while I have some time, I thought I fill you in on what type of entries to expect.  Pretty much...


Hi everyone. Welcome to the brand new Sha La La La Productions website. As you can see it has a totally brand new look. A very special thanks to the talented Crissy Sutter from e-Buzz Solutions for her hard work and talents to put it all together for us. So please...


David Rothauser, an accomplished director, producer, actor and writer in all forms of theatre and the media, and a professor of American Theatre and Communication at Showa-Boston (sourcehttp://www.hibakusha-ourlifetolive.org/about.html), asked me to provide footage of...

Incorporating a QR Code to Launch Video

Incorporating a QR Code to Launch Video

Hi everyone. I've received quite a few inquires about my work incorporating a QR* code on a business card. The work of creating a video demo for it is still in progress. In the meantime, the latest testimony from Brian Hession, President & Founder of Oceanos, will...

Update on Boom

Thought I would share an update on Boom. The editing is going well, and I hope to make an announcement soon as to when it'll be ready to air. Also, I just updated the title credit. Click here to check it out. Below you will see that the background graphics are...

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