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I get to go outside? YES!

For a fellow working at the HQ of a video production company in the Boston area (i.e. Sha La La La Productions), any time I get to go outside for a shoot is a FANTASTIC DAY!  Why? Well I'm glad you ask. For one, I get to go outside, and let's face it, who doesn't like...


Age of End!   Congratulations!!!  We'll be coming out to your show at Ralph's Diner In Worcester MA, to film you in action. We can't wait to see you give a killer performance on August 23! Thanks everyone for participating in the contest. Be sure to check back here on...

With 4 more days to go what are you waiting for?

New England Bands with 4 more days to go, there's still time to enter our contest and win a FREE MUSIC VIDEO!!! With that said, watch the video below and in 60 seconds you will know what it takes to win. GOOD LUCK!!!  Thanks!~Robert - BANDS - Win a Free Music Video!...

Feedback on our VHS to DVD service

Anytime you start anything new, it's a little scary in you never know what to expect if it's a hit or miss, or somewhere in the middle, but the little scary thing we're referring to is that we recently offered services of converting VHS to DVD to clients. Then earlier...

LIVE music contest update

You know the old saying that if a picture could represents a 1,000 words, imaging how many words are represented by a single video?!!! With that said, watch the video below for an update on our Live Music Video contest that we teamed up with Dark White Media. One...


Sha La La La Productions and Dark White Media have teamed up to offer a new line of live music video packages priced to fit every budget. These Multi camera live performance packages will range from 3 to 5 camera coverage, and include a minimum 2 edited live...

Sha La La La Productions Tips for Today Ep. 4

Whether you're filming a video in Boston, Chicago, San Fran, or even in your office, there's 3 things before filming. Or was it 4? Well guess you'll have to check out the video and find out. 🙂  Enjoy!...

Extra Extra read all about it

When we were putting together our first newspaper ad, for the Newton Tab, in my mind I just imagine a humorist would have a field day seeing my ad. Most likely they'll find the humor that a full service video production company based in Boston, was relying on images...

KRE8insights recap and vocabulary

I've had some time to reflect from last weeks show to offer my thoughts, and here's a couple that stand out. Prior to going on live, #KrisSimmons and I were doing some sound checks with my computer. While we were testing, he just went over a few points. Essentially he...

In the Guest seat Live at 2PM on KRE8insights

7/11/13 Exciting news, #KrisSimmons one of the co-founders of #KRE8insights, (the world's leading resource for video production and film industry business training), has asked me to be in the guest seat in today's group member call.  The topic will focus on what the...

A Super Fun thank you video

Co-Founder's Michael Gebben & Kris Simmons of KRE8insights have been an enormous help in offering advice and solutions to video-graphers that are starting out and growing their business. We can't thank them enough for their encouragement and support.  So over the...

The Power of Video

First off, we're excited to have Adobe CS 6 installed on our computers, and second, we're just having a blast of putting CS6 through it's paces as use it as we attack our projects. So what better way to celebrate our excitement but to demonstrate the type of videos...

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