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How To Navigate The Pre-Production Process From Start To Finish

Pre-Production process from start to finish Executive Producer & Owner of Shalalala Productions, Robert Lee, shares a few pre-production tips, a few don'ts to avoid and how budgeting and timeline work into planning.   The original ProductionHUB Exclusive interview...

American Marketing Association Podcast Announcement

Great news!!! The American Marketing Association, Boston podcast interview, Talking Marketing Podcast with host Meghan McGrath and Chris Goodnow behind the switcher has been posted online now and ready to listen. Here’s the link and another link too, WOO...

3 Simple Tips for Effective Video Marketing

  3 Simple Tips for Effective Video Marketing     Scenario: You and I have met at a conference and I hand you my business card. We chat, and you go off for a cup of coffee. You check out my card. First, you hold up the QR code to your phone’s QR reader and...

Making time to work your craft

What to do on down times I still have difficulty saying it loud. It’s a tough thing to say that when times are tough you need to take drastic steps or find better use of your time. It’s been extremely difficult to find work in any form. I’ve been so hell-bent on the...

A New Approach to Interviewing – Using Google Autocomplete Function

When Wired Magazine came out with this interesting approach to interview celebrities using Google autocomplete function, it became an instant hit. Rather than asking the usual series of questions, the interviewer presents them with various incomplete Google search...

Announcing The Launch of Our New Website

We are excited to announce that our new and refreshing website is now live. This newly redesigned website offers easy navigation, quick and easy access to essential information and services and structured drop-down menus for both mobile and desktop...

Robert’s Experience as a Correspondent in Super Megafest Comic-con

First of all, we’d like to introduce Ariba Adnan, as a contributor to ShaLaLaLa Productions. She will now be writing/editing on the blogs on the website giving Robert the much-needed support and also a diverse set of content for our readers. We wish her...

Stump for Video concept ideas? Go watch TV!

Stump for video concept idea for your business, as a video production company in Boston, we recommend you to go watch TV!   What I'm saying is TV is a pretty neat source for ideas... Creative ideas. A lot of times I like to watch tv for the commercials. Yeah I know,...

Oct 12 17 Video Digital Marketing strategy class

  The Video Digital Marketing Strategy Class is Back!     Makes sense that if we're in the business of making videos we'd make one. Especially when it's more effective for promoting events.⠀ ⠀ But if you can't watch the video now, here's the essential information⠀ ⠀...

ShaLaLaLatip4today: Always be learning, Attempt with parallax effect

  Attempt with parallax effect There's a great tip from Premiere Gal, of how to add a parallax effect to photos using Adobe Photo Shop and make a video out of it. She posted the tutorial on her YouTube channel and we thought we give it a shot. With more practice and...

Heeding the call with Experimenting creatively

Experimenting creatively. Come again?   Before folks jump the gun on the topic "Experimenting creatively", the term was meant in the context of content marketing creation with videos. The origins of experimenting. The idea of banging out this article was from a...

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