A Valuable Facebook Group Livestreaming tip through Streamyard

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Live Streaming Trends we spotted leading with Facebook Group

One of the biggest trends we observe in live streaming is marketers/entrepreneurs and /businesses leveraging live stream videos in social media specifically within communities such as Facebook (via Facebook Live) and Linkedin (via LinkedinLive).

The quickest way to get started (whether your an individual or in the video production community is using a Livestream browser bases tool (ReStream, Be-Live, and one more prominently Streamyard.

Knowing how community building in social media can be difficult, one way to stay out is using Livestream videos in your posts. If you’re not an administrator but a member, and you’re looking to borrow Celebrity Chef Emeril Lagasse’s phrase, “Kick it up a notch” with your live stream video by integrating Streamyard, How do I do it?

I put together this article to show how you can (Livestream) into a Facebook group page using StreamYard.

First, what is StreamYard?

In their own words, “StreamYard is a live streaming studio in your browser. Interview guests, share your screen, and much more. Stream directly to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other platforms.

If you’re the administrator you would not go through these steps as you can Livestream directly from StreamYard into a Facebook Group. When you are not the Administrator of a group but you’re a member, you’re unable to go directly from your Streamyard account to create a broadcast and then go into the group page. The solution is to have Facebook create an RTMP link you can use.

If it’s easier you can follow along and watch the video.


FaceBook Group Example:

1) In StreamYard go into your broadcast studio, add a new destination to the RTMP server.

2) Go to the Facebook Live Producer page and click on the “Use stream Key” button.

3) Copy the “service URL” and the “stream key” from Facebook Live Producer page and past it to Streamyard “RTMP Destination window.”
Match the info exactly as it was in Facebook but in Streamyard.

4) You’ll want to add a nickname to remind you where you’re streaming.. Like  “Marty McFly Fan club FB group,

5) Hit the button marked “Add the Rtmp server”. Afterward, a new window will appear.

6) In the new window, it will ask you to give it a title of how you want the broadcast to appear when you post. Enter info for title and click the button marked “Create broadcast”.

So that’s all you would need to do to use Streamyard to stream into a Facebook Group page.

Do these steps fire you up to learn more about how to start your own program or to create one? If you’re interested in learning more, we’re here to walk this journey with you! Reach out and let us know. We won’t let you down.



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