A Sha La La La tip for today to help you get out of your shell

by | Nov 6, 2015 | Company, Customers, Sales, Solutions

It’s weird for me to admit this out loud that there are times it’s really hard to talk about myself. It’s especially crucial as a small business owner, that you have the ability to pitch yourself.  The owner is the face of the business.  There’s no substitute of putting yourself out there in getting the attention your business deserves. You need to get over any shyness or mental block in promoting yourself by just doing it.

What I’m suggesting is a complimentary method you can use to help you get you out of your shell that will get you to talk about yourself, and that’s film an interview.  Have someone you know and trust to interview you about your business. In doing so, let him/her decide how to ask the questions and what to ask. This will provide a genuine unscripted, semi-unplanned dialog because you’re not thinking about yourself but engaging in a conversation. This discussion will take the pressure off you in thinking what to say, since your’re responding to someone (i.e. the interviewer)

Here are 2 examples.  Both of these were unplanned, and unscripted.  The first was filmed while creating our first commercial about our 30 second commercial offer. The talented Jax Adele (a.k.a Janet Newman in our video) had conducted the questions, and the only instructions we gave was “ask Rob about his business”.

The second was one the crew, working with Rachel, threw at me at the #128Expo.

From the interaction, you get a chance to witness my thought process that goes on to the work we do, as well what it’s like joking around with me. These are the kind of things people will look for so they’ll get a sense of what the person is like and how that person can perform for a client.

With that said, give us a call or drop me a line. I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on the matter. If you have conducted your own interview videos about yourself or talking about your company I’d love to hear how it went, and or what stumbling blocks you’ve encountered and how you corrected them.



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