Update on Doctors Express Waltham, websites and more oh my

Hey everyone:

It’s been pretty busy these past few weeks, so you can bet there’s a lot of exciting things to report.

We’ve been working hard with our web developing team to make some improvements to our website, that we’ll gradually implement. If it looks different then at least you’ll know why. 😀

Very soon we’ll be releasing our first major promotional video with Doctor Express Waltham on our portfolio page soon. We can’t wait to show it, Stay tune for that!!  We may also be offering some free giveaways on our social channels (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram etc.) to look out for, so stay tune for that as well.  We have a killer demo video we just released that we’ll be posting soon on our promo page, but if you can’t wait to see it, you can watch it here, and let us know what you think.

I’d stay and talk further, but I gotta go back to burning the midnight oil. We’ll talk soon.


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