UPDATE!!!!! Additional Air dates! for Boom featuring Chris Trapper

I just heard back from Brookline Access TV Access Coordinator, and he provided the following reply.

The show is airing on Saturday night at 6pm (Comcast channel 3 RCN Channel 3) , that is the guaranteed time.  But it also is scheduled randomly throughout the week. Please let me know if you have any other questions.!!!!

So to Recap on the Program Listing for Boom Episode 2 featuring Chris Trapper.

Belmont Access TV:

Friday, April 5th at   10:00 pm. The rest of the show times are Saturday at 9:30pm and Tuesday at 7:30pm. (Channel 9 for Comcast, Channel 29 for Verizon)

Brookline Access TV:

Saturday April 6th at  6:00 pm and then randomly throughout the weeks. (Channel 3 for Comcast, Channel 3 for RCN)

If you cannot get those stations, I will at least posted on my website by 6:30pm on 4/6. If you want to see it earlier, just drop me a line at e-mail robertl@shalalalaproductions.com, and I may work something out for you, if you give me a good reason. 😀




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