The last blog posting of 2014

Hey Everyone:

It’s been a crazy month as we try to get a lot wrapped up before we close up shop for the holidays.  So with that said, this will be the last blog posting of the year.  But we wouldn’t leave you empty handed in our last posting.  In the spirit of giving we have 2 videos for you to enjoy.  The first is our attempt to bring back the old fashion X-mas variety show with The Rob Lee Christmas Special, and the second is an outtake of an interview we shot of Prof. Noam Chomsky for a documentary (name TBD) with Director David Rothauser.

If you like the videos please let us know, and if you let us know why in the comments below or in our YouTube page, we may give you a funny free download for you to enjoy.  Well that’s all for now. Have a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Years, and we’ll talk to you again real soon!

Oops almost forgot, if you can’t get enough of us, be sure to check us out on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Instagram. 🙂

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