Sha La La La Productions = Video Resumes

Sha La La La Production = Video Resumes

What does the title mean?


I’ll answer that question by sharing a little bit of my thought process.  I’ve been there before, Yes, it’s hard to find a job when you’re starting out whether you’ve recently graduated from college, or looking to make a career change from your current job with little to no resources. Of course I took the extreme measure to work on my own to create my dream job that is my passion (i.e. videos). It’s scary I get it, and it can feel isolating.  It doesn’t have to be that way.

We create a lot of videos for businesses, and we’ll continue to do that, but we’re also in the business to work with job seekers to land their dream job. This passion to help others led us to create video resumes for others. We strongly feel that in order to stand out you need to be seen and heard. A Video resume is the perfect way to be noticed by hiring managers and recruiters.  Did you know that hiring managers spend at most 7 seconds looking at a resume? Best way to get those eyeballs to look at what you have to offer is with a video resume. What better way to have your resume come to life than a video. Imagine a 2-Dimension piece of paper jump out with a lively engaging video that is the best representation of you.

We had the pleasure to film our own Breanna Niebel at our Head quarters. She’s a character designer animator who’s looking to work a full time animator.

To watch her video, click on the video player below or click here to check out her impressive resume on her website that you don’t want to miss!!).


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