Sha La La La Productions Wins Bronze for ‘Best Online Video’ (2 of 2)

Sha La La La Productions is proud to bring home the Bronze Award for ‘Best Online Video’ for the interactive category! The entry, “Hey New England Bands” was originally a promotional video done in conjunction with Dark White Media, to advertise a contest that would provide a free, live-performance video shoot for one lucky band, out of which, Age of End, received a professional shoot for their song, “Torn and Severed“. In a field of over 300 overall entries, winning the award was surely an accomplishment Robert can be proud of.

Hosted by Bentley University, the 200+ guests who attended the N.E.D.M.A. Award Ceremony were all treated to dinner and spirits. Friends and colleagues arrived and mingled during the social hour, creating a positive energy was maintained the entire evening. Each firm had their entry and contributors’ names read and recognized to the tune of lively applause and music. N.E.D.M.A. Vice President and Awards host, Erin Daly, brilliantly MC’ed the event with a combination of humor and vocal stamina that few can replicate (Yes, Erin, we love you). She sure had her work cut out for her, reading the names of multiple-award recipients, the esteemed RobbinsKersten Direct, Overdrive Interactive, Amergent, and DaVinci Direct, among others.

I personally got the chance to film Robert’s path to the stage by tracking his run through the crowd and finally, his time up on stage. Needless to say, he was ecstatic. The filming of his mini-trek, as one audience member would point out to me, ended up being the most meta aspect of the whole event. I mean, a film company, filming the reception of their prize for film work – who would have thought? Hopefully, more moments like these are to come.

If you are curious about Sha La La La Productions ‘ services in developing promotional or marketing videos, please feel free to reach out to Robert at The Portfolio section of our website showcases the variety of work we can do. If you simply have questions about video marketing and production, don’t hesitate to get in touch either. We’d love to hear from you.
Clint Porte

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