Sha La La La Productions Lesson learned with QR code

Maybe I should have say a lesson earned the hard way.

In our haste to upgrade our website, we had to correct the link on our website for our demo video. It is

Sounds like a great idea, but OH NO! MR BILL! I forgot a few months ago I had QR Codes printed on my new business card that had the old pathway so if people scan the QR code

they’ll get the following error message.


error message on qrcode



It would be foolish to set the link back to the original link and undue the webwork by the web developer.  Instance like these we just chalk it up as a learning lesson, which is before you create any QR Code for videos, make sure to let your web developers or anyone in creative knows about your QR code to avoid errors like this.

I guess one way to turn this into a plus is we can use it as an amusing anecdote at network gatherings… or at the very least something to write about in a blog.

I’d mentioned about the #128 BusinessExpo, but I think the image speaks for itself, also if you do click on it, you will see the details. Also on our new brochures we have the CORRECT QR Code. If you see us at our booth, be sure the grab one from us. Oh also, please let us know what you think of the article, we’d be curious what your take is on it 😀



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