Video Production Process


Pre Production


Before filming even begins we start by meeting with the client to further develop the details of the video and establish objectives and a schedule. The meeting will help set the tone in identifying the resources and personnel for the project. Milestones for the project will be established during this meeting to help insure the project stays on schedule. Generally the entire pre-production process for a project of this scope will take one to two weeks.



Upon receiving or agreeing upon the script from the client, Sha La La La will enter production where all media necessary for your video will be captured. This process can take anywhere from a single afternoon to a week, or in rare cases even longer, depending upon talent and location availability.

Editing Post Production


After all the media has been acquired, Sha La La La will enter post-production on your video. We will work to integrate your current branding materials with the media captured for your video. There will be a review period to make sure the video we produce is meeting your objectives, before we submit the finished product. As a general rule we expect each production to span 4 weeks, though scheduling conflicts and holidays may cause your production to last longer. Specific deadlines will be established in our kick off/pre-production meeting.



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