Rachel Walker from Coqueteur surprises Robert Lee with a live interview…

You can watch the exclusive interview here, just click play and enjoy

I swear, I have no idea, how this all happens. One minute I’m working the floors at the 128 Business Expo, promoting the business.The next minute, I find myself being in front, instead of behind the camera, interviewed by the talented and very charismatic Rachel Walker from Coqueteur  It’s probably the rare time someone got me to stand still long enough to ask be point blank about me, the business, and how the heck we came up with the name Sha La La La Productions. (Thank the talented crew members Dave Curtis and Darryl Lee for capturing on film)  I don’t really have a point, other than I was both surprised and flattered to share the screen with Rachel.  I will admit that I was relieved that we did get to film Rachel’s 30 second and give her a chance to shine for herself, as my wise brother Josh would put it. Her video is down below if you’re interested in checking out. At some point I may offer additional thoughts about the whole experience, but in the meantime, enjoy the videos and I’ll catch up with y’all later.

~ Robert


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