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Hi everyone:
It’s funny, I can’t believe of all the channels (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc, etc)  I sent out saying I was attending the NEDMA 2013 Annual conference,this was the one place I forgot to put it in.  Guess it’s on par of forgetting where I left my keys in the house, which by the way if you know where it is, can you let me know? 😉

It was a great event, and definitely picked up a few pointers of effectively marketing on mobile phones, as well  as upcoming changes with Google that would effect both consumers and businesses.  I can’t say much since I’m sworn to secrecy other than the date is 7/22/13 is when some of the changes will occur related to how they charge businesses with adwords.

There are a couple of things I like to pass on that I recommend you should check out, these folks had spoke at NEDMA, so it was a great treat to hear them in person.

Bob Cargill, Copywriter/Creative Director & Social Media Consultant of Cargill Creative had offer us tips on navigating twitter which was pretty nifty but at the moment I can’t find my notes on the subject, but I do know that he had offer 10 ways to succeed in social media, that’s worth a read.

Myles Bristowe, CMO of Commonwealth Creative offered some some great anecdotes in relating to his followers on twitter. He has a a blog called, today’s marketing cookie. chock full of info on marketing, marketing strategy, with a good blend of humor and insightful comments.

Phil Hollows, Founder/CEO of, provided valuable information of how bloggers can engage, grow and monetize their own blog.  His blog is one that doesn’t pull any punches and full of wit that is a good read as well.

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