Verbose shout out

“Verbose shout out”?

What’s that all about?


As a video production company in Boston, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with great organizations, groups, or specialists to help our business grow and solve a problem that has us stumped.  To thank them for their help, and demonstrate their great work and expertise, we set up a page to shout out information they offer to address a problem you may have in growing your business. We may be long-winded here, which is why we used the word verbose.  Hence, “Verbose shout out.”  If you’re familiar with our social media posts of #VerboseWednesdays, its’ sort of like that only we won’t update the page only on Wednesdays and its post from folks we know directly.   Be sure to check frequently, as this page will grow as we’ll share great content from others who’s helped us out immensely.



Artwork by Breanna Niebel

(Artwork by Breanna Niebel)

Do you want your work to be noticed?  Instagram is a great way for visual artists to show off their work and connect with other artists, but like all other forms of social media, you have to work hard at building it up. A visual artist and animator, Breanna Niebel, has written a very informative article on how to go about getting more views on Instagram. “These simple tips will help gain more followers, likes and expand your outreach.”



We’re very fortunate and relieved to turn to, a web design service at the Metrowest area,  for our web needs.  Monika, was great to take in all the problems we presented and see her come up and explain to us her an action plan to resolve each problem fully. What we really appreciate the most was her thoughtfulness and humor to answer the questions we threw at her, (which was a lot!).  They have a great post, with an SEO tip of drawing traffic to your website. Here’s the link and title for you to check out.   Listing your website on web directory.

A lot of friends from time to time, have asked me advice on how to use their smartphones when they’re filming their a family reunion, birthdays and other personal events when they’re not looking for a professional to film their event and wish to do it themselves.

My colleague from across the pond Tony Slater from MyMoovie put together a brilliant tutorial that covers all the info you need in 30 minutes in master-filming with your smartphone that I highly recommend for you to check out. The course is free and it breaks it down in either long form or in chapters for you to follow.

And no I won’t pay for your airfare when you can simply take the video course for free. Yes! I said FREE. Click HERE for the video tutorial. To quote Tony. Cheers. 🙂


One of the joys of attending Network event is the people that you run into, and learn what they do.

We were fortunate enough to meet with Carmen Mincy with Ninestone, It’s fun for us to learn what they do. Ninestone is an organization that provides business and IT Consulting services to small businesses, as well as read about some great articles that benefits small businesses with their needs.

Click HERE for this dynamite article they posted regarding the Human side of Cybersecrutity for Small Businesses:)



When you run a business on your own, it can be a pretty daunting task to tackle all the work. Even more difficult is to make the time to keep up to date with the current marketing trends and practice. That’s why we were happy to bring in SamBresSocial…. We learned a lot from Samantha and since we haven’t run a twitter campaign we were extremely grateful for Sam to step in and showed us how it’s done. Did we mention what a great sense of humor she has too?   Speaking of humor, we couldn’t get enough of her posting about how invaluable to show off your personality online… Something we know Rob’s not too shy about.  “5 ways to show personality online”

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