Behind the scenes comments on the next Tips for Today video

Hey everyone.
With the Memorial Day weekend coming up, like everybody we’re just trying to get a lot of things done; so in our eagerness to wrap up with some projects, well, we’re
prone to some slight mental lapses, such as keeping up with the Blogs.  Ouch, but we’re here to fix that.
So we’ll give you a heads up on what’s cooking at HQ We’re working on the next Tips for Today video, and we’re just pretty stoked of the footage we’re using in illustrating that point. We’re not ready to provide any spoilers on what the tip is about but I can tell you that the clips we’re using was of a skilled athlete in action,
Right now the big challenge is to edit down the video, but we may have a trick or too to solve that. In the mean time stay tuned for the next Tips for Today Video!Robert

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