Adobe Premiere Pro CC cheat sheet

Free cheat sheet download. No strings attached.


Yes, a free Adobe Premiere Pro CC (CC – Creative cloud) shortcut cheat sheet! No joke it’s here’s for the taking. Courtesy of Videoblocks.  This resource has been a big help for others, who only seek filming services from Boston video production companies and chose to edit themselves.

Trust us we know how time-consuming editing can be, and tougher when you have a short turnaround time and looking ways to expedite the process of creating a great video for your company.  What this cheat sheet can do is identify shortcuts to edit all from the keyboard on the Adobe Premiere Pro CC program. It will help you work quickly and efficiently.  Hang it by your workstation so you can reference it. All you have to do, in obtaining a copy is click on the image to download from Videoblock’s site.


Adobe Premiere Keyboard Shortcuts

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