A video marketing suggestion to all businesses, always be testing.

Yes I said suggestion, because it’s not really a tip. It’s not an exclusive, top secret message I’m offering to businesses that are just getting their feet wet with videos. It’s inclusive that all should really consider practicing in keeping up with the times, which is why it’s a suggestion. (Hence the change of title “Sha La La La Productions Suggestion for today”, than “Sha La La La Productions Tip for today”)

Always be testing.

It’s an old marketing practice that applies to all forms of marketing: direct marketing, direct mail, e-mail and yes videos. Always be testing. It’s the only way to identify what elements in your video that really connects with your target market. Now what you test, is up to you, and that’s where you can rely on your experience and knowledge in your field to determine these elements.

If you like to share what types of things you test in your video, we’d love to hear it. It’s the kind of information we like to geek out on.
If you don’t have any to share but need some suggestions or guidance, just let us know, we’d love to help. 🙂


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